What are the daily symptoms of gallbladder cancer?

What are the daily symptoms of gallbladder cancer?

Gallbladder cancer is one of the most common diseases in life. After suffering from this disease, the patient suffers from chronic physical torture, and the disease has a great psychological fear and often becomes very depressed.What are the symptoms of gallbladder cancer?

What kind of care do you need daily?

The care of patients with gallbladder cancer should start with psychology.

The symptoms of gallbladder cancer are 1, right upper quadrant pain: because gallbladder cancer is more complicated with gallstone stone inflammation and the pain is similar to calculous cholecystitis.

Beginning for right upper quadrant discomfort followed by persistent dull or short-term pain, sometimes with paroxysmal severe pain and radiation to the right shoulder.

2, indigestion: indigestion, tired of greasy, suffocating, poor appetite.

This is due to insufficient gallbladder function to digest harmful substances.

3, Astragalus: Astragalus often appears in the late stages of the disease.

Cancer tissue invades the bile duct and causes jaundice.

At the same time accompanied by weight loss, fatigue and even cachexia, skin, mucous membrane yellow staining, with itchy skin.

4, fever: some patients have fever.

5, right upper abdominal mass: a mass in the right upper abdomen or upper abdomen.

Because the tumor grows rapidly, the bile duct causes the gallbladder to enlarge; if the duodenum invades, it can also cause obstruction; in addition, the tumor invades the liver and stomach ulcers, and the corresponding part of the mass can also appear.

Daily care of patients with gallbladder cancer 1, should maintain a comfortable lying position during rest and rest, generally in the left lateral position, supine position is better, to prevent pressure on the gallbladder.

Carefully observe changes in body temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure to prevent complications.

2, pay attention to the regulation of diet, gallbladder cancer patients due to poor bile excretion affect the digestion and absorption of food, especially for fecal foods are more difficult to digest, patients often show poor appetite, less food, abdominal distension, stool is not adjusted.

Choose digestible and nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less or not high-fat foods, smoke alcohol, and drink plenty of water.

3, psychological care, emotional factors have an important relationship with the development of the disease and the treatment effect and prognosis.

Patients should maintain a happy attitude, establish confidence in the fight against disease, give full play to the potential of the body, so that patients can actively cooperate with treatment to improve results.

4, encourage patients to do what they can to transfer bad emotions, self-regulation mentality, such as practicing Qigong, walking, listening to popular science knowledge, to achieve dynamic and static.

5, gallbladder cancer patients need to pay attention to dietary taboos: avoid animal waste and greasy food, avoid overeating, eating too much, avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy spicy food, avoid mold, parasites, smoke, pickled food, avoid hard, sticky and difficult to digest food.

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