What’s wrong with you in love

What’s wrong with you in love

You run a small shop that specializes in desserts. Because the taste is special and diverse, even if it has been open for more than five years, the business is still booming.

Later, there was also a dessert shop in the alley next door, and it was a low-price strategy, so your business was greatly affected. What would you do at this time?

  A, confront B at a low price, develop more new flavors C, and observe D for a while. The business is difficult to do, and you decide to switch to psychoanalysis. A: Your mind is quite heavy and you have a lot of eyes.Bad trick, but it’s not enough by chance.

People who have been with you seem to feel an uncomfortable look from you, can’t point out any obvious annoying shortcomings, but you can’t say what you like.

You seem to be busy camping for self-interest all day, but you don’t care about others’ lives.

  Option B: You don’t like to face reality, escape is your best skill.

When someone questions your ability, constantly criticizes you, or delivers a challenging task, on the surface you may not refute or reject it, but in fact you feel very resentful, plus you are unwilling to thinkThe way to solve or face it, I had to avoid it and avoid meeting, and became a tortoise that everyone was trying to cheer up.

  Choice C: You often make excuses for what you did, and suddenly said that it was the victim of that person, all of a sudden said that it is all the responsibility of that person, as if you can always play the role of an innocent victim.

The consequence of long-term shoving responsibility is self-excavation of the grave.

You cheated for a while, but you ca n’t lie forever. After a few times, your true colors will eventually be broken down, or you should learn to be a responsible mature person.

  Choice D: You like to take advantage of others, and it’s not the kind of stingy trivial people, but secretly lose two pounds, you have to have more people, to be happy to win others.

The reason why you love to take advantage is because deep inside you are always inexplicably eager to move, maybe you do n’t realize it, maybe you pretend not to admit it, but it is the main reason that prevents you from having a large shape.