Men’s impotence, clear desire, but first practice

Men’s impotence, clear desire, but first practice

The essence of men lies in the liver and kidneys.

The kidney is water, the liver is wood, and water can grow wood, so the most fundamental thing for a man is the kidney.

Nourishing the kidney focuses on nourishing.

There are five methods of men’s spermatogenesis in traditional Chinese medicine health: if you have widowed in Chinese medicine, there will be kidney movement and kidney movement will be fine.

In order to ensure excessive kidney qi, we need to control the fine movement so that the heart does not move.

So widowedness is the first law for men to nourish the kidneys.

  People who are overworked should not be overworked.

TCM believes that the essence is the realization of blood.

So protect your blood.

  ⑶ Breathing will hurt the liver, and the liver will hide the blood. If a person is angry, he will hurt the liver and consume sperm.

Therefore, we must control our temper, control anger, and learn to treat people calmly.

  ⑷ Quit alcohol and drink blood.

Alcohol has hair-generating properties. Drinking less can mobilize the body’s hair-generating mechanism, but excessive drinking will cause distortion of blood and qi, so drinking should be temperate.

  ⑸ Caution Caution is not to overeating, but to use grain to nourish.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine: grain is the most nourishing.