[Efficacy and role of cuttlefish bone]_cuttlefish bone_benefit_may

[Efficacy and role of cuttlefish bone]_cuttlefish bone_benefit_may

Cuttlefish is a fish that people like. This kind of fish has a very high nutritional value. A certain kind of cuttlefish is very rich in protein and also contains a variety of mineral elements. In particular, cuttlefish contains an adhesive polysaccharide. According to scientists, this substanceHas a good anti-cancer effect, we can see that cuttlefish bone has many benefits to health.

1, acidic analgesic effect.

The calcium carbonate contained in the squid bone can neutralize gastric acid, alleviate the symptoms of vomiting acid and heartburn, and can promote the penetration and absorption of the ulcer surface, prevent bleeding and reduce local pain.

It can be used as an antacid.

Experiments show that its compound preparation Wubeisan has obvious effects of adsorbing pepsin and neutralizing gastric acid, which can reduce the stimulation of gastric ulcer surface by gastric acid, and reduce the digestive effect of protease on ulcer surface, which can accelerate the healing of gastric ulcer in mice.

In addition to the local effect of anti-gastric acid, Wubei San also seems to have a systemic effect similar to anticholinergic drugs that inhibit gastric acid secretion. Compared with many other commonly used antacids, its body effect is greater than other drugs, andLong-lasting effect; in vitro tests, its antacid effect is lower than magnesium oxide, magnesium milk, calcium magnesium tablets, but larger than aluminum hydroxide gel.

2. Hemostasis.

After the gum, organic matter and gastric juice contained in it can form a protective film on the surface of the ulcer, the bleeding tends to coagulate, so it has a hemostatic effect.

Squid bone powder sponge topical hemostatic agent.

3, bone effect.

The aged jellyfish, fresh jellyfish, and autologous bone were implanted into the bone defect of artificial rabbits. The results showed that jellyfish can significantly promote the repair of bone defects, especially the aged jellyfish has the most obvious effect and has the effect of bone-bonding.

4. Other functions.

The jellyfish decoction was administered to rats and mice by intragastric administration and then irradiated with Co60, and the survival rate of the animals could be significantly improved. The jellyfish also showed a beneficial effect on the serotonin content in the blood, but it had a beneficial effect on platelet number and DNA.The content was not significantly improved.