Jumping rope method is easy to enjoy thin weight loss is no longer boring

Jumping rope method is easy to enjoy thin weight loss is no longer boring

Skipping weight loss exercise is a very popular method of weight loss, as long as you master the correct way and method of skipping.

This exercise weight loss method should last for about half an hour every day, the consumption is the body’s aunt, if the exercise time is not enough, the consumption is only the body’s moisture.

By slimming down like this, you will find that slimming is not so boring.

  To skip the rope to lose weight, you must master the correct method. First of all, don’t bend over when you skip the rope. The body can lean forward slightly and try to point the ground with your toes. This will make your movements lighter and more labor-saving, and you can avoid the knees and fracture joints from being over-shocked.Injured.

Note that both feet should be grounded at the same time, except for the one-leg exchange pattern jump method.

Shake the arm as much as possible so that it can not only overcome better exercise results, but also avoid skipping the jump rope.

Skipping method: 1, skipping belt running sports slimming parts: arm, hip, thigh, leg body upright, feet apart shoulder width, hands hold each rope a port, the left leg keeps a normal jumping posture when jumping, rightThe foot is lifted up until the right toe is raised, and the legs are moved again when the jump is taken again, and the left toe is raised and raised.

Repeat the movement of the legs 6 times and continue the movement for 1 minute.

   2, single leg jump to keep running, single leg turns over the rope.

Try to jump as fast as you can, so that you can effectively lose excess excess meat on your legs.

  3. After swinging the ropes in both directions and jumping over the rope, the legs are opened upwards while the rope is being roped.

When the rope is about to return to the front, your feet will be skipped together.

Then change the legs and repeat the same action.

   4, the curved body movement slimming parts: legs, thighs, legs straight out the rope to the ground, legs combined straight to the right end of the rope, face to the left, diagonally jump to the other side of the rope, keep the legs together, jump again to the right side of the rope, jump the rope according to the zigzag route until you reach the end of the other end of the rope, then turn back to the starting point.

Keep 1 minute of exercise time.

  5, alternately raise the knees to move the body upright, feet apart and shoulder width, hands hold the rope a port, do the skipping movement, the left foot maintains a normal jumping posture when jumping, right retreat to make the right knee to the height of the body.

When you take off again, change your legs and lift your left leg.

Repeat the exchange exercise for 1 minute.