Professional women’s relief pressure five coups

Professional women’s relief pressure five coups

White-collar women, the appearance always gives a very beautiful impression, entering and selling in high-end office buildings, wearing brand-name fashion, elegant temperament, talkative and charming, everyone regards them as fashion spokespersons.

In fact, this is only a surface of them. In fact, they are under the same pressure as men in the workplace.

Smart, do you have your own countermeasures?

When the pressure hits, it will not be destroyed by pressure damage?

  There are many ways to decompress, tension and worry are worth your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing speed.

You will only be relaxed if you leave behind your nervous and worried things.

How to decompress?

Teach you five coups: go to the bathroom and wash your forehead with cold water and your mind will be clear.

After lunch, when you make up the mirror, you will feel beautiful and energetic.

  Some people have tried this way, and when they close their eyes, they imagine that they are watching the sea.

A row of waves hit the waves, and the seagulls screamed in the distance. The white sails were a little bit, and the sea and sky junctions were awkward.

When you are able to produce such an imagination when you are tired, you can be completely relaxed.

You can put one or two beautiful pictures next to your seat, or a photo that makes you happy.

  Take a deep breath and concentrate on your chest and abdomen, slowly inhale, exhale, as if you exercise your lungs.

  When climbing stairs, when you are tired, go out and climb a few stairs, so you benefit a lot.

If you are embarrassed to run without a break, take a briefcase and climb the stairs.

People will see your rushing figure and will praise your professionalism.

And you still have some surprises – the bodybuilding body is gradually showing up, let others envy.

  Music therapy music has the effect of calming emotions and soothing, want to reduce the venting?

Then listen to rock music; if you want to sort out the emotions, classical music is the best choice.

Closed eyes in the music can enable people to cultivate to the highest level of human and harmony, thus achieving the purpose of decompression.

It is recommended that you prepare a few CDs you like in the office, but remember to bring your headphones to listen to them, and do not affect other colleagues to work or rest.