Teach you to hold arthritis


Teach you to hold arthritis

In the life of the elderly, with the increase of age and the aging of the body, most elderly people will develop arthritis, just for this disease, in the daily nursing work, those skills can help the elderly to improve arthritisWhat are these bad life symptoms?

Take a quick look at the following introductions to create a healthy life for the elderly, starting here!

  Studies have shown that every step of the person’s pressure on the joint when walking is equivalent to 4 times its own weight, so the weight is higher, the pressure on the joints can also be, obesity is a big killer that damages the joints.

Obesity is prone to premature wear and degradation of knee joints and accelerate the progression of knee degenerative fractures.

  How to care for the elderly arthritis 1, change the unreasonable living habits to avoid the back, carry heavy objects.

Avoid coaxial cable and walking, there should be a gap between the time to sit and rest.

When you have a bowel movement, try to sit on the toilet and squat less.

  2, weight loss obese people with osteoarthritis significantly increased than others.

Weight loss to reduce joint pressure and wear can effectively prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis.

  3, to avoid joint injuries pay attention to the safety of sports venues and sports equipment to avoid injuries.

Warm up before exercise, the amount of exercise will gradually increase from small, and should not participate in heavy-duty exercise.

Relax in time after a lot of exercise.

Old people should avoid falling when walking.

  4, change the unreasonable movement mode Taijiquan and other squats or squat exercises have great joint pressure on the lower extremities and should be avoided as much as possible.

If you climb the mountain and climb the building, the joint pressure on the lower limbs should be avoided.

As you grow older, you should gradually adjust your exercise style to swim, ride, and walk, and reduce the amount of exercise.

  5, the correct treatment of joint damage Many arthritis is caused by other structural damage in the joint, such as knee joint meniscus injury.

Correct treatment of meniscus injury in the early stage can effectively prevent the occurrence of knee osteoarthritis.

  6, joint pain should be promptly diagnosed and treated joint pain is an alarm issued by the joint to the human body, indicating that it should be conscious.

Patients with joint pain should seek medical advice promptly to prevent small problems from becoming big problems.