Unique detoxifying natural food

Unique detoxifying natural food

There is no doubt that anything that is unhealthy for health seems to be on the verge of “poison.”

Lead in automobile exhaust is “toxic” to the human body, and pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits are “toxic” to the human body. In Chinese medicine, there is indeed a saying about “poison”, all of these exogenous harmful substances, the body itself is metabolized.Plasma is also a kind of “poisonous”.

If the body’s toxins accumulate excessively, they will get sick. This is not difficult to understand.

In fact, many of the so-called “toxins” are brought from the daily diet, and naturally can be eliminated through diet.

Many ordinary natural foods around us have unique detoxification functions.

  Tea: Excessive drinking can cause alcoholism. You can soak 15-20g of tea in 200ml of boiling water. After 10 minutes, you can drink it frequently, which can increase the amount of urine, and avoid the damage of liver, kidney and other organs in the body.

  White radish: sweet and sour, with the amount of sugar to fry the juice, divided fermentation, can solve mushroom poisoning.

  Water spinach: there is heat, detoxification, cooling blood, diuretic function.

In the winter after eating dog meat poisoning, you can take 500 grams of water spinach, 1800 ml of water to fry the juice, frequent drinking can detoxification; if the poisonous bacteria poisoning, can also be washed with 500 grams of water spinach, smashed juice, detoxification.

  Mung beans: It is a better traditional detoxification food.

Contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, B vitamins and other nutrients.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, quenching thirst and diuresis, reducing swelling and qi.

Use 100 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of raw licorice, decoction of 1000-1500 ml of liquid medicine to put it into the air, soluble food and drug poisoning.

  In addition to the above foods can detoxification, ginger, lentils, eggs, pig blood also have different degrees of detoxification.

Workers, such as military dust workers, farmers, often eat pig blood, is conducive to the removal of dust, metal particles on the body.

In the north, you can eat more toxins made from blood tofu, such as “blood tofu” and duck blood soup.