Tea Travel Life: World Black Tea Tour

Tea Travel Life: World Black Tea Tour

It can be said that black tea originated in China and was carried forward in the UK.

Chinese drink a single item, Westerners add milk and sugar to make breakfast tea or afternoon tea.

Among the many teas, black tea has the most drinking methods and blends the essence of Chinese and Western.

It can be a traditional hot black tea, it can be an English-style milk tea, it can be an Italian-style orange tea, or it can be a comprehensive fruit tea or iced black tea.

In a sunny day, cancel the white and flustered winter and enjoy the exquisite life.

  The quality of black tea, due to different origins, will have different characteristics and flavors. The world’s major black tea producing areas mainly include East Africa Black Tea District, China Black Tea District, Indian Black Tea District, Sri Lanka Black Tea District, and Indonesian Black Tea District.

This has produced the world’s four major black tea: Qimen black tea, Assam black tea, Darjeeling black tea, Ceylon highland black tea, and thus Vietnamese black tea, Kenya black tea, South African black tea, Fujian black tea and other rising stars.

Let Xiaobian bring a lot of black tea lovers to perform a wonderful world black tea tour!

  Darjeeling Black Tea Darjeeling Black Tea is produced in the Darjeeling Plateau in the Himalayas in northern West Bengal, India.

The local average annual temperature is about 15 °C, and the daytime sunshine is sufficient, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the valley is filled with clouds all the year round, which is a major factor in the unique aroma of this tea.

The No. 2 tea from May to June has the best quality and is known as “Champagne in Black Tea”.

Darjeeling black tea has a high value.

In the third and fourth months, the first tea is mostly green, and the second tea is golden.

The soup is orange-yellow and has a fragrant and elegant taste. The top grade is especially grape-flavored with a delicate and soft taste.

Darjeeling black tea is most suitable for clear drinking, but because of the alkalinity, it takes a little longer (about 5 minutes) to make the tea so comfortable, in order to get its taste.

After afternoon tea and eating a delicious meal, it is best to drink this tea.

  Assam black tea Assam black tea, produced in the Assam Valley in the Himalayas of Assam in northeast India.

The local sunshine is strong, and another tree is needed to cover the tea trees moderately; due to the abundant rainfall, the Assam large-leaved tea tree that promotes tropical development flourishes.

The quality of picking from June to July is the best, but the autumn tea produced in October-November is more fragrant.

Assam black tea, the shape of the tea is thin and flat, the color is dark brown; the soup is dark red and slightly brown, with a light malt, rose, strong taste, is a strong tea, is the best choice for winter tea.

Although Assam black tea is rude and stubborn, but full of gentleness.

  Tuen Mun Black Tea Tuen Mun Black Tea, referred to as blush, is produced in the area of Tuen Mun County in the Huangshan branch of the southwestern part of Anhui Province, China.

The local tea tree varieties are of high yield and high quality, planted in fertile red and yellow soil, and the climate is mild, the rain is sufficient, and the sunshine is moderate, so the leaves are soft and rich in various materials, and the best quality harvested in August.
祁Infrared-shaped strips are tight and even, the front seedlings are beautiful, the color is dark (commonly known as “Baoguang”); the inner quality is clear and has a honey-scented scent, and the top-grade tea contains orchid scent (known as “Qianmenxiang”)), long-lasting; soup color is bright and bright, tastes fresh and mellow, and the bottom of the leaf (soaked tea residue) is bright red.

Refreshing drinks can best taste the blushing scent of blush, even if you add fresh milk.

It is best to drink black tea in spring, afternoon tea, and tea before going to bed.

  South African National Treasure Tea South African National Treasure Tea, also known as South African Black Tea, is currently the most fashionable herbal drink, a magical drink from the Cape of Good Hope, and the “Gold, Diamond” and the South African Sambo.

It is not a tea in the traditional sense, but a legume plant. The cultivation conditions of this tea tree are extremely harsh. It must be in the plateau at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, and it must be acidic soil. The annual accumulation needs to be maintained.380-650mm, so it only grows in the area within three hundred kilometers of Clan Williams in the Western Cape, South Africa.

South African black tea has a beauty and beauty, regulates blood fat and softens blood vessels, and improves sleep.

It contains antioxidants that promote anti-aging and enhance systemic immunity.

Known in Germany as “not old tea”, it is called “anti-allergic tea” in Japan, and “hangover tea” is called “God Tea” in the United States. It has a smooth and fragrant taste and is a popular health care in today’s world.Drinks.

  Ceylon Highlands Black Tea Ceylon Highland Black Tea is the most famous Uwo tea. It is produced on the east side of the mountainous area. It is filled with clouds all the year round. The northeast monsoon blowing in winter brings rainfall (November-February), which is not good for tea garden production.The quality obtained from July to September is the best.

Ting Bluff Tea and Nuwara Eliya Tea, which were produced in the Western Region of the Mountain Range, were best harvested in January-March due to the influence of the southwest monsoon rain in the summer (May-August).

Ceylon’s highland tea is usually made into a fractal tea, which is russet.

The Wuwo tea soup is orange-red and bright, and the soup noodle ring of the top has a golden aperture, which is like a crowning; its flavor is irritating, revealing the aroma of mint, lily of the valley, and the taste is mellow, although bitter, but sweet aftertaste.

The soup of Tingbula is bright red, with a refreshing taste and a floral fragrance.

Nuwara Eliyaye tea is lighter in color, fragrance and taste than the former two. The soup is orange-yellow, with a clear fragrance and a slightly greenish taste.

  Fujian black tea Fujian black tea, also known as “blush”, mainly includes three major tasks (political and Gongfu, Tanyang Gongfu, Bailin Gongfu) and Zhengshan small black tea.Fujian is the ancestral home of black tea. As early as the 17th century, the Wuyi Zhengshan race was spread across the ocean and exported to England. Because of its unique flavor, delicious and delicious, it was loved by the British aristocracy and even the royal family.

Fujian black tea has caffeine, tannins contain less acid, good taste, can be convenient, young and old, and many other advantages, although the current black tea in India, Sri Lanka and other places, its popularity is not enough, but the development prospects are veryI am optimistic.

In Fujian, where tea is flourishing, “Crimson” has a long history and excellent workmanship. Whether it is matched with milk or flowers or fruits, “shade is always appropriate”, which integrates more fashionable, beautiful and healthy elements for modernUrban people create a more refined leisure life, it is “not the preference for red in tea, this red drunk is more concentrated.”

  Vietnamese black tea Vietnamese black tea, Vietnamese black tea is mild and tastes mellow. In addition to containing a variety of vitamins, it can also introduce trace element potassium. When brewing, 70% of potassium can dissolve in tea.

Potassium has the effect of enhancing blood circulation in the heart and can reduce the consumption of calcium in the body.

Because manganese contained in black tea is one of the incalculable elements of bone structure, it is also possible to drink black tea to strengthen bones.

Vietnamese black tea has a fragrant and delicious crop that does not use fertilizers and pesticides.

Because black tea contains a flavonoid compound, its role is to oxidize antioxidants, drink black tea to prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancer and other deadly diseases.

The ratio of people who drink a cup of black tea a day to those who do not drink tea is 40% lower than the rest.

Regular consumption of black tea also has the effect of preventing flu, stroke and skin cancer.

Vietnamese black tea is complete in shape, tea soup hanging cup, rich in taste, soft, round, balanced, fruity and fresh, high.

  Kenya CTC Black Tea Kenya’s CTC Black Tea is one of the world’s most famous black teas. It is also the most commonly used raw tea in the UK. Its beautiful soup color, rich and sweet taste and fresh taste.

Kenya is the world’s largest exporter of black tea, mainly exported to Europe, the Middle East, India and other places. Most of the familiar Lipton black tea comes from Kenya.

99% of Kenya’s tea is CTC red crushed tea, which is best for seasoning tea, iced tea and milk tea, and is famous for its unique quality, pure nature and bright soup.

Black tea is processed from the young leaves of tea trees and is the most widely consumed alcohol-free drink.

It has been initially confirmed that its aroma characteristics vary with geographical and climatic conditions.

Studies have shown that the difference in flavor is significant, and the regional differences in growth conditions must be large.

It has recently been confirmed that the composition of volatile aromatic compounds of Kenyan commercial tea can be replaced by the beauty of teas in areas famous for the production of high-flavored tea.

Aroma is an important quality parameter for Kenyan tea.

Kenyan black tea tastes lighter, but after adding milk, the aroma of tea and milk mixes and the taste is wonderful.