What problems should the elderly pay attention to when living in high buildings?

What problems should the elderly pay attention to when living in high buildings?

Nowadays, the elderly are not afraid to eat and wear, and they are afraid that they will not be respected by others. Long-term isolation from the outside will inevitably lead to “high-rise syndrome.”

The so-called high-rise residential syndrome refers to a disease in which a high-rise residential house that has been inhabited for a long time in the city has little contact with the outside world and rarely goes outdoors, causing physiological and psychological abnormal reactions.

This situation is evident in the elderly who have lived in high-rises for a long time after retirement.

Common symptoms are: weakness of the limbs, pale face, weak constitution, indigestion, poor adaptability, and disharmony.

It is a common cause of hypertension, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis in the elderly.

In addition, high-rise buildings can also create an abnormal feeling, plus the relatively thin air, which increases the discomfort of certain diseases, especially chronic bronchitis, heart disease, angina pectoris, cerebrovascular and visceral patients.
Experts reminded that the elderly living in high-rise buildings should pay attention to the following points: One of the characteristics of the modern high-rise residential buildings is that there are many windows and large windows, and the indoor light is sufficient.

Intense light is severely irritated by the elderly, worried, and even headaches and insomnia.

When the above symptoms occur, the direction of the sleeping position can be adjusted in time to re-adjust the layout of the items in the home.

You can plant green leafy plants and flowers on the balcony and decorate the landscaping environment.

  Go to the orphan to increase interpersonal relationships and participate in social activities.

In normal times, the neighbors should go often and chat with each other. This is also conducive to adjusting the mentality of the elderly living alone in high-rise buildings and eliminating loneliness.

In fine weather, the elderly should take measures to turn around with their children and grandchildren to the nearby parks, breathe the fresh air outside and increase the amount of activity.

  The height of the high-rise residential building is very similar to the height of various high-power electromagnetic radiation. The powerful radio frequency has a thermal effect on the organism, hinders the absorption of human protein, inhibits the hematopoietic function, especially the psychological fatigue of the elderly, dizziness and tinnitus., lack of energy.

Therefore, the elderly should appropriately increase the intake of protein and fresh vegetables and fruits; they can play and listen to their favorite music; often walk down the tall buildings and breathe fresh air into the garden woods.

  Old people who practice in high-rise buildings should insist on going downstairs to outdoor activities once or twice a day.

Plan to go out with a trip, or physical exercise, or fishing, game, or swing, read, to enrich your life, eliminate the sense of loneliness in your heart.

In addition, children should accompany the elderly to “squat” and give more attention in spirit.