The first four minutes of communication

The first four minutes of communication

Whether people are willing to be friends or when they may be friends, according to Leonard.

According to Dr. Zoning’s “Communication” book, the first four minutes of contact between strangers is crucial.

In his book, he tells friends who have built new friendships: “When you meet strangers in social situations, you should focus on him for four minutes.

Many people’s lives will change because of this.

“You can notice that the average person doesn’t pay attention to the person he just met. He keeps looking around and seems to be looking for more interesting people.

If anyone treats you like this, you will not like him.

  When we were introduced to new friends, the author said that we appropriately tried to be friendly and confident.

“Generally speaking,” he said, “people like people who love themselves.

“In addition, we must not let others think that we are arrogant, and it is important to show interest or sympathy for others.

Know that others also have their own needs, fears, and hopes.

  After hearing the above advice, you might say that I am not a friendly or confident person by nature, is it not honest?

  Dr. Zou Ning believes that once practiced a few times, it will change his way of socializing.

As long as we want to change our personality, we will get used to it after all. It’s like buying a new car. At first you may feel unfamiliar, but it is always better than the old one.

  Does it mean that it is dishonest to show friendly or self-confident people who are not friendly and self-sustaining in nature?

Dr. Zou Ning said: Maybe, “complete honesty” tends to coexist in social relationships, especially in the first few minutes of contact. At this time, there may be various performances, but appropriate performances, andHuman communication is the best way.

This is not the time to doubt your own health problems or to find the faults of others, nor is it the time to put together your views and impressions.

  The same applies to relationships between family members or friends. For husbands and wives, parents, and children, problems often arise during the first four minutes of each other after a long period of separation.

  Dr. Zoning advises that you must be careful during these minutes of gathering, and if you discuss something unpleasant, you need to work on it later.