[Fried beef fillet with pepper]_How to do_How to do

[Fried beef fillet with pepper]_How to do_How to do

Stir-fried beef fillet with chili pepper is a more traditional home-cooked dish. Many people can eat it, but everyone’s taste must be completely different. This is still the same as the cooking process and time.It has a great relationship, and it is also very important for the selection of beef. If these raw materials are not selected fresh, it will not be so tender when they are eaten.of.

250 grams of raw beef tenderloin and 250 grams of green pepper.

Method 1: After cutting the beef horizontally, add raw flour, a little cooking wine, a little soy sauce, salt, a little oyster sauce, and mix well for 15 minutes.

2. Cut the green pepper on the side for later use. 3. Heat the pan and pour more oil. When the oil temperature is 50%, pour the beef fillet into the oil until the beef fillet changes color. 4. Pour the oil out of the pot., Leave a little oil, pour in green pepper and stir-fry.

Add the beef tenderloin and stir fry for about half a minute. Add MSG and mix well.

Method: 1. Slice beef, add salt, soy sauce, pepper, raw flour, a bit of cooking wine, sliced ginger, mix with peanut oil, and marinate for 15 minutes; 2. Remove the stalks and seeds of pepper, if you likeSpicy, you can leave the seeds.

After cutting in half, cut into small pieces; 3, after the pan is heated, put oil (preferably put more), after fragrant ginger, put the beef in the pan, quickly divide, and then pour cooking wine,Stir fry a few times, then slip some water.

After 7 is mature, put it up for spare time; 4. Put another oil in the pan and heat up, pour the peppers and stir-fry a few times, then pour the fried beef into the pan and fry it together. If it is too dry, you can slipWater.
After the beef is cooked, add salt and some chicken essence to serve.

Production method 1.

Prepare ingredients.


Cut the beef into shreds 3.

Prepare ginger slices, garlic slices and peppers.


Put oil in the pan.


Heat up the oil to 80% and add the beef for 5 minutes.


Add ginger slices, fry garlic slices for a few seconds, add watercress and or dried chili.


Add celery.


Add celery for 1 minute before adding shredded beef.


Successfully released.

[1]Instructions for consumption 1.

In the first few seconds of training, sarcosine is the source of muscle fuel. It can effectively supplement adenosine triphosphate, which makes the training last longer.


Protein demand indicators, the more vitamin B6 should be added to the diet.

Beef contains enough vitamin B6 to help you strengthen your immunity, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, and help your body recover from stressful training.


 Chicken and fish are low in carnitine and sarcosine, but beef is high.

Carnitine is mainly used to support your aunt’s metabolism and produce branched chain amino acids, which is an amino acid that plays an important role in bodybuilding for muscle growth.