Winter lip care methods and taboos


Winter lip care methods and taboos

In winter, the humidity of the air is low. Many people often have chapped lips. To keep the lips moist, many people like to lick their lips with their tongues.

The more dry the more you lick, the more you lick and the more painful, the more painful and the more cracked the vicious circle, which makes too many people suffer from the pain of bleeding from the cracks in the corners of the mouth, and even affects talking and eating.

The following actions cannot be done!


hzh {display: none; }  冬季唇部护理的3个危险动作  一是随意舔唇。  I thought that this would make the lips hydrated, so as to reduce the symptoms of chapped lips. In fact, licking the lips will only bring about a brief moisturization. When these lip moisture evaporates, it will take away more water inside the lips.The more painful.

  In addition, saliva contains substances such as amylase, which is relatively sticky, licking on the lips is like applying a standard paste on the lips. When the wind blows, the water evaporates, and the “batter” sticks to the lips, which will causeThe deep connective tissue shrinks and the lip and mucous membranes become wrinkled. As a result, the dryness is more severe. In severe cases, secondary infections, swelling and pain are imminent.

  The second is bold peeling.

  Lips usually peel off after the lips are chapped, but the skin always sticks to the lips before being placed. At this time, there are always some bold eyebrows that are not afraid of pain, and they try to tear the peel off. The final result is bleeding and pain.The pain worsened especially when speaking.

  In fact, if the peeling phenomenon is really serious, you can look in the mirror, find the right angle, and use sharp small scissors to cut off the raised skin on the lips.

  The third is the random use of skin care products.

  In winter season, some people wipe their lips with glycerin, thinking that this will moisturize the lips, but it is actually a wrong practice, because rubbing glycerin will make the lips dry.

  TIPS: Lip chapped is caused by dry air, so the humidity of the protective lips cannot be ignored.

The natural air humidity in the open air cannot be changed, but the indoor air humidity is completely adjustable.

On sunny days in winter, sprinkle water, evaporate moisture, or use a humidifier to increase the indoor air humidity.

  The small method of winter care The pesky dead skin and dandruff make makeup look much less effective.

Follow us now to get rid of the dryness. A few simple steps before applying your lip make-up will restore your hydrated lips.

  Remove dead skin on lips to make makeup faster. A few simple small steps before applying makeup every day to remove dead skin on lips, make makeup faster and make makeup more significant.

  Autumn and winter lip makeup make up the key points: · Before applying lipstick, cover the lips with a plastic film so that the lips are fully hydrated. · Adjust the color of the lips with a coral lipstick. · After applying the lipstick, add a layer of lip gloss., Will make the lip makeup look more three-dimensional.

  Step 1: Absorb a sufficient lip balm on the lips, then cover it with a transparent film. After 1 minute, remove the plastic film.

The original purpose was to make the lips moist and easier to exfoliate.

  Step 2: After removing the plastic film, use a cotton swab to gently remove the cuticle from the lips in the direction shown in the illustration.

Because the lips were fully moistened before, it will be easier to exfoliate now.

  Winter Lip Care TIPS Special Care: 1.

At night, you can gently move your lips with a dry toothbrush occasionally, or use your fingers to massage around the lips, which can stimulate blood circulation, tighten the contours of the mouth, and prevent muscles from sagging.


Hot steam is the best way to deal with the toe peeling of your lips.

Apply it again with a steam towel to clean up the small warped skin and fine wrinkles.


Natural moisturizer-honey: Honey has excellent affinity with the skin. As a natural beauty material, it is widely used. Its natural moisturizing ingredients are very poetic to protect the lips.

If the lips feel dry, apply honey lightly on the lips, this is also a good way to care for the lips.


Drinking water and eating more vitamins A, B, and C can improve dullness.


When removing makeup, it can replace the special makeup remover for lips. The remover for eye makeup can also remove lip makeup at the same time.


Apply moisturizing lip mask and make good use of lip balm, which can be gently massaged to promote blood circulation.

When your lips are dry and peeling, you can use a lip repair cream as a base before applying lip makeup.
Oily lip balm is more moisturizing, but it is easy to make lipstick bloom, so you should avoid using it before applying lipstick.


The easiest and cheapest way to prevent dry and peeling lips is to apply some petroleum jelly, or apply a cotton pad moisturized with moisturizing lotion or moisturizer to the lips for 10 minutes, which is a convenient homemade lip mask