The reasons for the stubbornness of the elderly and the solutions

The reasons for the stubbornness of the elderly and the solutions

The famous psychologist Pavlov explained stubbornness: “Stubbornness is the cessation of the spiritual process.

“It is also a special psychological manifestation of personality deviating from the crowd. Its main characteristics are: self-confidence, stereotypes, sensitive and suspicious, harsh and insulting, and abnormal emotional impulses.”

  How is the stubbornness of the elderly formed?

  First, accepting the reduction of fresh objects and the stimulation of the brain bones, the sensitivity and responsiveness of the brain and nervous system are obviously reduced, the brain cells lack vitality, the brain degenerates faster, the thinking ability decreases, and the memory loss and senile dementia gradually form.A series of symptoms; Second, the elderly are out of place with the surrounding environment.

Many kinds of relationships are not harmonious, even in a state of disentanglement and tension, which naturally becomes an “unwelcome person” in real life. Third, the elderly are naturally alienated from society because of their vanity and self-respect.In isolation, it is inevitable to have a sense of loneliness, loneliness and loss; the fourth is to disagree with the family, to separate from the old, and to form a “generation gap” with the younger generation, thus the relationship is tense, the feelings are weak, and the family members are not more sympathetic.5, understanding and attention; Fifth, due to morbid psychological barriers, often see the small things happening in the family too heavy, long-term hung in the heart, can not be eliminated in time to eliminate, the inner depression and irritability, the joy of life, these factors are the spiritSexually transmitted diseases, cardiovascular diseases, digestive tract diseases and even the causes of various cancers.

  How to control the stubborn mental illness of the elderly?

First of all, the elderly should have a deep understanding of the character of stubborn character, pay attention to self-adjustment, cultivate sentiment, overcome shortcomings such as vanity, loneliness, pride, control their emotional impulses, find more fun in life, and develop good new things.Habits; those with severe mental disorders can go to hospital for treatment.

In fact, as children and grandchildren of the family’s descendants, we should pay attention to spiritual support, and be more considerate, enthusiastic and caring for the elderly, so that they can spend the rest of their lives.