[Can I eat mung beans with traditional Chinese medicine]_Recommended diet

[Can I eat mung beans with traditional Chinese medicine]_Recommended diet

Because mung beans have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, many people think that mung beans cannot be consumed when drinking Chinese medicine.

So is it possible to consume mung bean while drinking Chinese medicine?

1. Can mung beans be consumed while drinking Chinese medicine? In fact, mung beans cannot be consumed while taking Chinese medicine. The claim is not completely correct.

The medicinal properties of some traditional Chinese medicines will react with mung beans, and some traditional Chinese medicines will not react with mung beans. Therefore, it is not completely impossible to consume mung beans while taking Chinese medicine.

However, it is best to get the doctor’s permission, so it’s better not to eat mung beans without permission.

2. Precautions for drinking Chinese medicines When drinking Chinese medicines, it is best not to eat cold foods or spicy and greasy foods. These foods metabolize the medicinal properties of Chinese medicines to a certain extent and reduce their efficacy.

We also should not take the traditional Chinese medicine repeatedly or take it for a long time because of the better pursuit of the effect of the medicine. It is a drug that is poisonous. The long-term or excessive use of the traditional Chinese medicine will also have a certain impact on the body.

It is also best to take prescriptions away from the hospital when taking Chinese medicine, otherwise it may have a certain impact on people with special constitutions such as weak spleen and stomach or pregnant women.

When decocting medicine, it is also best to choose a decocting pan or casserole, instead of the pan used for cooking, such as an iron pan. Metal products can easily react with drugs and release metal elements, which has a certain effect on the efficacy.

Chinese medicine should also be careful not to consume too much. There are many ingredients in the traditional Chinese medicine decoction, which will not only reduce the effectiveness of the medicine, but also easily breed bacteria, which will have a certain impact on the human body.

3, mung bean effect Mung bean has a certain heat-relief and detoxification effect. Regular consumption of mung beans can enhance the human immune system and also has a certain cleaning effect on the deep garbage of the skin.